We’re often asked why Beauty and Melody only offer human hair extensions and not the cheaper synthetic (sometimes referred to as artificial) hair.

The answer is simple. As one of the leading hair extension specialists in London we only want to offer our clients the very best.

With thick, luscious locks the must-have celebrity accessory of the moment you may be tempted to opt for cheaper artificial hair extensions rather than human hair. Before you make your decision feel free to pop into the salon (we’re in central London just off Marble Arch) for a complimentary consultation and advice tailored to your hair and extensions. We want you to make the right choice for you.

Hair extensions that look and feel natural

Human hair is just that. The real thing. It moves and behaves like your own hair. It looks and feels natural – because it is.

In contrast, synthetic hair, which is made of plastic, has a different texture and shine to you own hair and feels different to the touch. It also has a tendency to become matted and tangles more easily than the finest Remy human hair.

Styling human hair extensions

Professional stylists prefer human hair extensions as they know they are so much easier to style and look after. You’ll be wearing your new extensions 24/7 so it’s essential that you can create a variety of looks easily yourself.

Whether your look is cascading curls, sleek up-do’s or tousled beach-babe human hair gives you the most versatile and manageable styling options. You can use straightening irons and curling tongs freely whereas with synthetic hair you have to be careful not to start to melt the hair.

Colouring your hair extensions

Unlike synthetic hair, human hair extensions can be coloured to match and blend in with your own hair ensuring that natural look we all yearn for. Your extensions remain your secret.

Ethical hair extensions

Understandably, clients are concerned about where and how human hair is obtained. At Beauty and Melody we personally ensure our sources are impeccable.

Our Salon Director, Elena, visits Russia wherever possible herself and meets the girls who are selling their hair. Elena explains, “for many Russian girls growing and selling their hair is a valuable means of income. I meet with many of the girls to satisfy myself that they are comfortable with the sale and to select the very best Remy hair for our London hair salon.”

Are synthetic extensions ever a good option?

If you’re on a very tight budget then human hair extensions are not a cheap option. But then quality rarely is. You may prefer to have artificial extensions rather than none and we do understand that.

But before deciding do pop in and our extension specialists will give you the best possible advice and answer all your questions. Call 020 7723 5028 to make an appointment