It is well known that GHDs are the best in the industry (we’ve popped some reviews at the end of the blog for you) GHDs are so easy to use and we love the luscious curls all over Spring and Summer trends.

Here is our fav 3 looks from GHD:


Number 3:
The waves with a hint of colour

We love the subtle yet gorgeous effect of curling hair with balayage or highlights. The tones lend themselves so well to a gentle curl. This look is more an everyday look for us. We imagine it styled with some chic sunglasses and a cool ice tea this summer!


Number 2:
Half up with braid

Braids are super in right now! We love the textured and volumous look from GHDhair. The ‘half up’ look is known for being timelessly flattering as we agree. We love how the blond breaks up the look <3  This is deffo a Coachella festival look for all the party girls this summer.


Number 1:
The Classic

Nothing beats the classic look sometimes!  This simple styling is beyond gorgeous. You can get this long hair look using our Russian Hair extensions which are available in our Marble Arch salon.

All these looks are available in our salon as well.  Remember you can buy GHD curlers and plenty more GHD goodies on our online shop here:


GHD Reviews

‘I don’t use any other straighteners than GHD’s, they’re brilliant. Mine have lasted almost 6 years and still work well.

Well worth the money.