Our stylists love using Olaplex because of the soft finish it gives. If you’ve had your hair done with us you know what we mean! As we use the product so much we’ve given our take on it here:
Olaplex usually has 3 steps – if we don’t use all three we apply the 3rd step in our salon. There is a real science behind this hair madness! The serum is aimed at repairing broken hair bonds damaged by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. We all must admit that we should take better care of our hair especially if you are mad about styling with heat products like us. After styling, we apply the serum for long lasting damage resistance.

This serum is also great for very damaged hair. We have many clients that come in with their hair in desperate need of TLC and fixing. After we work our cutting, colour and styling magic we use olaplex to give a superior finish. The transformative effects are great for our clients.

See for yourself:

Also, just an FYI Olaplex didn’t tell us to write this blog up we want to keep our wonderful hair clients happy.

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