These days, you get to read and hear a lot about ‘Bio Keratin Hair Treatment’. There is indeed a lot of hype regarding this ‘miracle treatment’. So, what is this Bio Keratin Hair Treatment all about? I researched throughout the world of internet to find out some of the basic facts and figures associated with it.

So, let me start with a question. Do you want to have frizz-free, perfectly manageable, silky and shiny poker-straight hair? Well, if the adjectives seem too good to be truly attainable, let me tell you that you do have an option and that is keratin hair treatment. The present generation is increasingly banking on this smoothing treatment which works wonders to wiry and curly hair! Wish to learn more about keratin hair treatment? Read on!

Bio Keratin Hair Treatment: What is it?

Actually, keratin is a kind of protein naturally found in teeth, hair, nails and such other parts of the body. In this treatment, keratin is acquired from natural sources (like animal wool) and processed to suit the requirements. Then, it is applied to the hair to replenish the keratin which is there in the cortex of the hair shaft. It is then followed by hot hair ironing. The keratin is made to fill up the cuticles of hair so that you get smooth and straight hair in return. It is a wonder treatment for hair straightening and is often called ‘natural’ as it makes use of natural protein.

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