Hair loss
management systems

Perfect for hair which is thinning at the front or around your centre-parting area.


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Hair Loss
management systems

Our hair loss management systems include:

Mini Hair System

Perfect for hair which is thinning at the front or around your centre-parting area.

The first application costs

For Russian hair from £750

Rest assured this system does not damage your existing hair.

Medi Hair System

This mesh-based system works very well for clients suffering with larger areas of hair loss. Made from silk, the mesh is matched exactly to the hair loss area.

This Medi Hair System is ideal for hair loss associated with Alopecia Areata, female pattern baldness, chemotherapy, post-radio therapy, lupus and most other chronic types of hair loss, including Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia and TTM (trichotillomania).

The first application costs

For Russian hair from £1,200

Maxi Hair System

This system is for women suffering from complete hair loss and can be used as an alternative to a traditional wig.

We are committed to providing the highest possible levels of comfort and scalp hygiene so only the finest quality Russian hair is used with this system. It is bespoke service.

A template is made of your head and the hair is fitted to your exact needs. A gentle liquid adhesive and medical-style tape hold the hair securely in place.

You can choose between a natural parting or a natural side hairline panel, for ease of styling. There is no need to have a fringe and hair may be naturally tucked behind your ears.

We also show you how to replace the adhesive tape in your own home, giving you control over your hair and looks.

Prices for maxi systems can vary depending on your individual needs. This will be established during a complimentary consultation.

Follow-up appointments to maintain the system are needed every 5 to 6 weeks, at a cost of £60 per hour.

Wig Services

As well as being an independent wig supplier and making custom made bespoke wigs for both clients and television, we also offer a number of wig services that will help you maintain and enable the durability of your wig.

Our wig specialist has over 15 years experience within this field and is also a mynewhair professional. We cater to the needs of all your wig concerns especially those within the Macmillan group.

If you have an NHS wig that you would like to make more comfortable and more like your own hair we will do just that for you.

Cutting and styling of wigs (per hour) from £60
Treating of wigs from £50

As more and more people are experiencing hair loss issues, our expert team of hair loss specialists have created a variety of solutions that can help to address these concerns with skill, finesse and in-depth expertise.

We have devised a number of systems that will not only help restore your confidence, but will also enhance your beauty.  We work closely with Cromwell Hospital and various cancer and hair loss charities and support organisations to offer a first class set of treatments to help you disguise your hair loss.

Virgin Russian hair, perfect for use in our systems, is undoubtedly the finest hair in the whole world. Genetic and climatic factors aid in ensuring this hair is not only super soft and shiny, it feels silky to the touch.

Compared to other types of human hair that is available on the market, one can feel the distinctive difference in the quality. The higher the quality, the longer the hair will last. It can also be used numerous times for multiple reapplications, as it is very strong and durable. As result of this, using Russian equates to better value for money.

We offer different kinds of systems that cater to all hair loss needs. Whether you have lost all your hair via chemotherapy, any other cancer related illness or treatments, or have severe hair loss linked to any form of alopecia.

Clients that suffer from Alopecia Totalis (where there is total loss of hair on the scalp), would normally go for our larger systems or hand made wigs.

With the large systems they are made to cover the whole circumference of your head, secured with a specialist strong tape.

Androgentic Alopecia– also mainly known as ‘male pattern baldness’ is the thinning of the hair to an almost transparent state in both men and women. (It is thought to be a hereditary form of hair loss).

With this, the system may not be as big as a full system. Your own hair can be pulled through a breathable and comfortable mesh like material and micro-ringed to secure the system to your head.

Depending on how strong your hair is or whether you want extra security, tape and/or clips can be used where necessary.

With this type of hair loss there is generally hair around the perimeter of the clients head, this can sometimes mean that a client can get a partial system which includes a parting that will be placed on the top of the head (crown area).

One or two panels are then added to help blend with the clients’ natural hair a lot better.

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