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Laser Hair Removal – Special Offer
for Men
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We use only medical-grade lasers, the most advanced technology available. This means we can guarantee successful results. Although we recommend a course of six treatments, a significant difference will be apparent after just two or three. Our experienced therapists will consider your skin and hair type before creating a personalised treatment plan.
Area6 sessions
(10% Off)
8 sessions
(+1 Free)
Ears & Nose£162£216
Upper Cheeks£108£144
Centre Brow£81£108
Hollywood & Perianal£324£432
Full Beard£324£432
Chest & Stomach£378£504
Full Back & Shoulders£567£756
Full Back, Shoulders & Back of Neck£697£929
Full Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms£729£972
Full Back, Chest & Shoulders NEW£756£1008
Full Back, Shoulders & Full Arms£837£1116
Full Back, Chest, Abdomen, Shoulders & Half Arms£1107£1476
Full Body Top to Toe (Including Face)£1470£1960

Free Patch test + Free consultation Available.

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