At Beauty and Melody, we like to approach beauty and well-being holistically. With some of the very best hair, beauty and aesthetic treatments already on offer, we have added an additional service for our wonderful clients, the very best health and nutrition advice to help you look and feel great inside and out. We have secured the services of Doctor Cristina Golfomitsos. A specialist in Cardiology and Acute Medicine, she has worked for the NHS for the last 13 years with passion and dedication. She developed her interest in Nutrition several years ago after being overwhelmed by the number of patients who would attend her Cardiology clinic asking for Nutrition advice to improve their heart’s health through losing weight, reducing their blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels and stress hormones levels. Dr Golfomitsos has completed a range of nutrition courses including a Master program in Human Nutrition to be able to give scientifically proven advice to her patients, to provide a more holistic approach to their problems. Dr Golfomitsos strongly believes that healthy living starts with a correct eating regime.
Food is a great healer, if used correctly it can perform miracles. Food is such an important part of our life, it’s one of the greatest pleasures in life and it’s to be considered an ally rather than an enemy.

There are many benefits derived from changing your diet to a healthier regime such as:

Improving energy levels • Reduce stress hormones • Improve sleep quality • Improve mood • Reduce cravings • Lose weight • Improve physical and mental performance • Strengthen your hair and nails • Speed up digestion and improve nutrient absorption • Reduce effects of allergies and intolerances • Lower blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels

Initial Consultation – 60 minutes – £125
Prior to your first appointment, you will be emailed a food diary and health questionairre to complete. On your visit the Dr. will review these and discuss your life style and eating habits, taking into account your food likes and dislikes. Several measurements will be taken, including height, weight, BMI and your basal metabolic rate will be calculated, which will indicate how much fuel your body needs, to function on a daily basis. Specific goals will be set and the Dr. will work with you to help you achieve your goal. Within a week from the initial consultation you will be sent your personalized diet plan, along with handouts and some recipes. Possible blood tests will be advised and list of suitable supplements will be recommended to include in your plan. You will also receive advice on an exercise regime to accompany your dietary plan.

Follow up Consultations -45 minutes -£90
Follow up consultations should be scheduled every two weeks. They are intended as a tool to evaluate your progress, discuss positive and negative issues and review the diet plan periodically. At least 2 follow up visits are recommended to achieve the best results. More visits may be needed if a significant weight loss needs to be achieved or multiple issues need addressing.

Initial Consultation + 2 Follow ups £ 255 instead of £ 305
Initial Consultation + 4 Follow ups £ 415 instead of £ 485

To book a consultation with Dr. Golfomitsos please call 0207 723 5028 or email