Ultimate Guide To Laser Hair Removal

If you fantasise about skin without unwanted hair, you have probably already come across many different treatments that promise to get rid of unwanted hair for good. We imagine that in the past you have probably explored many different avenues for removing your unwanted hair, including; plugging, shaving, epilating, waxing etc.


The problem is that most of the time, however, these methods get rid of your hair for short periods of time, but the hair always grows back. To make matters worse, when you wax or epilate, your hair tends to get weak and struggles to cut through your skin – which makes the hair start to grow back on itself. An ingrown hair can become infected, leaving the area itchy, and let’s face it, they do not look pretty.


In our salons across central London, we offer a permanent solution for your problem – Laser Hair Removal.  Keep reading to find out what Laser Hair Removal involves and to see if this is the best route for you.


  1. What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal isn’t just a breakthrough treatment. In fact, laser hair treatments have been around since the mid 90’s. Although, technological breakthroughs and constant research, has made laser hair removal even more effective and it is now safer than ever.


To effectively remove the unwanted hair, the laser destroys the hair follicles that enable hairs to grow. The hair follicles are targeted by specific pulsing laser light and concentrated energy. The pigment in the hair follicles absorb the laser light, which in turn destroys the hair. This then results in permanent hair removal, as the follicles are unable to continue growing hair.


Laser hair removal is virtually painless but some minimal discomfort may occur however, it is nothing compared to waxing or epilating.


  1. Where can I get laser hair removal treatment?

If you are considering the laser hair removal, you should definitely spend some time researching the treatment providers in your area. If you decide to invest into laser hair removal, ensure you know what equipment the providers are using. We would strongly recommend going for the newer technologies as these are generally safer and more effective. You should also look at the salon or clinic expertise to ensure that you will only be treated by highly qualified professionals and their ability to safely treat your skin. Last but not least, ensure that the salon or clinic is based in a convenient location.


  1. Laser hair removal treatments at Beauty and Melody Spas and Clinics

We are considered as London’s most prestigious beauty salons and our clinics are usually the first choice for Londoners when it comes to laser hair removal. We have four locations in central London, in which we provide laser hair treatments: Marble Arch, St. Johns Wood, Angel, and Knightsbridge.


In our Beauty & Melody salons, we use the Alma Soprano Ice laser which was awarded ‘The Best Laser Hair Removal System’ in the 2015 Aesthetic Industry Awards. The Alma Soprano Ice laser is effective and safe to use on all skin types and skin tones. The Alma Soprano Ice laser uses an advanced cooling technology and the very latest laser techniques so you can benefit from highly effective – almost pain free, long term hair reduction


We also offer the newest Alma Soprano ICE Platinum 2017 laser treatment in our Knightsbridge salon. The Soprano ICE Platinum 2017 features advanced cooling technology and represents a combination of three different wavelengths which enable our experienced beauty technicians to achieve exceptional results on any hair type and colour – including on tanned skin. Uniting the absorption and penetration levels of these three different wavelengths, Soprano ICE Platinum 2017 achieves the safest and most comprehensive hair removal treatment available today. Moreover, treatment with the Soprano ICE Platinum 2017 is virtually pain free.


  1. Laser hair removal treatment

Before you start your laser hair removal treatment, your clinic or salon should invite you for a consultation (this is free of charge in our salons but some providers may charge for it). During this consultation, your beauty technician will fully explain your treatment so you know exactly what to expect. During this session, we also administer a patch test to ensure that you can undergo the treatment safely.


During your consultation session, our beauty technicians will also explain that numerous sessions are required for laser hair removal to be effective. This is because the hair grows in cycles and it would not be possible to remove all hair follicles during the first session. This differs from person-to-person, but usually 4-6 sessions will suffice. The sessions should be scheduled about a month apart of each other.


Your beauty technician will also inform you that before each laser hair removal treatment you need to thoroughly shave the treated area. Your skin should be smooth to touch as this will allow the laser treatment to be carried out effectively.


Please note that you will be unable to undergo laser treatments if you are pregnant, or suffer from any of the following; vitiligo, diabetes, herpes, have a history of keloid scarring, lupus, excessively dry skin, hyper pigmentation, active eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer or epilepsy.

Certain medications and herbal treatments which cause photo-sensitivity will also preclude you from having laser hair removal.

  1. Maintenance

Nothing. None. Nada. Once you are done with your laser hair removal treatment you can enjoy smooth skin for the rest of your life.

    6.  What about laser hair removal appliances that you can use at home?

Strictly professionally speaking – stay away from them. ‘At home’ laser hair removal can actually be quite dangerous as you tend to be much rougher with yourself. You would probably treat the skin more often or more aggressively, pulsing several times on areas that you have already treated trying to get faster results – which can lead to some serious skin damage and life-long consequences. Yes, it may be slightly more expensive to get it done in a salon. But in our salons, you can be sure that we use only the best quality equipment and that the treatment is carried out by trained and experienced professionals – who know exactly what they are doing.